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There are a number of DPS platforms available for the public sector all which have been designed for procurement services, works or consumables but nothing is quite like buying energy. Energy is made up of so many variables which operates from a live traded market and so knowing when, what and which supplier to purchase from is fraught with much confusion.

Energy For Good have taken the principles of the DPS and adapted it specifically for the energy market. This unique platform automatically evaluates the pricing of each offering from whichever format the supplier might use and provides the results in order to select a successful supplier from the award criteria created.

For the buyer this gives total confidence, transparency and ease in ensuring that they have selected the best fit supplier at the best price and can award a contract with knowledge that all the required OJEU notices have been taken care of.

Not only does the DPS engage the market to select the supplier in the most effective way, it will then turn into a portfolio manager to assist in keeping control of each and every site and meter, provide energy market intelligence, forward forecasting of future contract prices, a repository for all contract documentation and all this regardless of whether you have secured a fixed or flexible supply contract.

Powerful Key Features